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Alice May is a recurring character who debuts in the episode Secret Team Reactivated!!

Alice May is portrayed by Christopher's real life girlfriend Searra Miller.

Alice May
Secret Team Undercover
Full Name

Alice Elizabeth May


Honey ( Christopher) Sweetie ( Robin)



Date of Birth

July 8, 2001

Resides in

Diamond City, Arkansas (Formerly)
Sioux City, Iowa (Season 2-Season 7)
Paris, France (Season 7-Season 11)



Eye Color


Hair Color

Honey Blonde


Amberite May (Mother)
Agent May (Father)


Christopher (Crush)


Jones Family
The Federal Organization


Andrew Marcus The Third
Dark Side
Keith Dale
Erica Fletcher
Richard Fletcher
Veccio (Formerly)


Spy Academy


The Federal Organization


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First Appearance

Secret Team Reactivated!

Last Appearance


Portrayed By

Searra Miller


Alice May is an agent in training who debuts as a damsel in distress allowing Christopher to assist her with opening her locker.

Physical Appearance

Alice May is a short girl with short light blonde and brown hair loose and flowing

Debut Outfit (Season 2 - Season 3)

Alice wore green earrings with a dark violet headband, a green and dark violet tank top, a pink skirt with a red belt, and black boots with a golden stripe on each side.

Current Outfit (Season 4 - Season 36)

Starting from I Go To Hawaii, Part 3 onward Alice May changes her outfit to a pink sleeveless shirt, white pants, green sandals and a brown hat with a blue ribbon on it.

When at night she wears a light blue nightgown with matching slippers.

Temporary Outfit (Season 7 - Season 12)

Alice wears a white summer hat with a red "O" initial representing her affiliation with The Organization Tactical Spies Undercover, a light blue halter top with a green emerald necklace encased inside a golden chain, she wears a red skirt with teal blue leggings, teal blue knee-length socks, white and dark blue sandals and white ballroom gloves.


Alice May is a sweet and friendly girl who blushes around Christopher and constantly winks at him.

Alice is revealed to be living with her parents meaning that only her cousins, aunt and uncle are evil to the core as her exact opposite relative.

Alice blushes constantly and calls him sweet, cute, etc. to represent her crush on him.


Season 2

Secret Team Reactivated!

Oh buttercups, come on, open.
Wow, that's amazing! I'm Alice, Alice May, I'm new here.
Do you know where this first class is?
Oh, thanks again Christopher. I really owe ya.
Wow, he's cute enough to date so I'm wondering if he's single.
I know honey.

It's Not Ye, It's Me

Can You Keep a Secret?

Rebel with a Coz

The Mother of All Missions

Accidents Will Happen


The Truth Hurts

Down in the Dumps

Dance Like No One's Watching

The Love Jinx

Ellysa Levels Up

Catch Her If You Can

Yo, Dawg

Cirque Du Christopher

The Legend of Bad, Bad Carter Brown

Spy of the Century Awards

In Too Deep, Part 1

In Too Deep, Part 2

Virtual Insanity

The Interview

Trust No One

Holly Holly Not So Jolly

No Escape!

Collision Course

Family Feud Part 1

Family Feud Part 2

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Christopher Jones

Your middle name is "cutie pie"
Alice May telling Christopher how she feels about him

Alice and Christopher seem to have a sort of platonic relationship that seems to be built and powered by protection, trust, and power and Alice seems to have feelings for him none the less even if it is to anger her evil aunt and uncle.

Alice has been shown to blush around him even when she looks at or talks to him.


Alice sees him as a true friend and she highly values her friendship with him.

Robin Capers

Christine Jones


Other Relationships

Ursula Wallbanks

Keith Dale

Seymour Sanchez

Samuel Clarks


Milton McPhail



Alice shows extreme jealousy towards Serene as shown when moments after the breakup, Serene "steals" Christopher away from Alice resulting in her going on a new mission of her own to find him.


  • Alice May is the only known love interest who was never a villain in the series at all.
  • It is revealed that Alice May can bake a delicious pie.
  • Alice May is the first love interest to join O.T.S.U. as a Spy-in-Training.
  • Alice May has the mental strength to badly injure Victor and Azul as revealed in the respective episodes.
  • Alice sings a total of five songs total thus far in the series.
  • Alice is one of many females who've taken an interest in Christopher.
  • Alice is so far the only love interest to completely change her outfit during a relocation.
  • After the breakup in the episode Perils of the Past Part 1, Alice is left extremely depressed enough to write a song to let Christopher know about her inner feelings within the whole Lysandre arc.
  • Alice May sits on Christopher's lap occasionally, further showing their closeness as a couple as she sits on his lap a total of 54 times in the series.



Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

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