Ash Victor is the highest ranking subordinate of the Dark Side and one of the series' main antagonists in Secret Team Undercover, Therefore, Ash Victor debuts as the main antagonist of the episode Date with Kirsten.

Ash is portrayed by .
Ash Victor
Full Name

Ashton "Ash" Davids Victor




Jones Family
The Federal Organization
The Government
Alice May
Victor (Sometimes)
Amour Destroyer Flare (Formerly)
Lysandre (Formerly)
Milton McPhail


The Dark Side (Formerly)
Amour Destroyer Flare

First Appearance

The Love Curse

Portrayed By


Physical Appearance


Ash Victor is a ruthless character who's revealed to be even worst than Victor as he deliberately almost choked Victor to death in anger of the fact that there was an intruder lurking around The Dark Side as the security system didn't catch the mole!

As of Season 6 to Season 12 Ash has nearly lost all of his deepest respect for his own agency where he works and tends to get into arguments with Milton McPhail from time to time.


  • Ash Victor is the first enemy agent to have a long secretive history with the entire Jones Family to instantly figure out that the family is a team of spies in his first appearance.
  • Ash Victor is the very first Dark Side agent to single-handedly take down a powerful tracker on the same team as him without using his martial arts
  • Ash Victor is, thus far, the first and only enemy agent leader who has performed a large amount of songs in the entire series with a total of eleven.
  • Ash Victor also sings a total of three separate duets with an agent working solely under his command later revealed to be known as Belle Swanson who as confirmed by the series' creators that is in fact, secretly Ash's new love interest and later on when the love interests start dating Belle goes shooting dramatically from formerly being a minor antagonist to a secondary one to a main antagonist as the series goes onward.
  • Ash Victor, at first claims not to have a weakness which may have been possibly true from his debut episode, up until the debut episode of his new mission partner(and Christopher and Alice May's brand new recurring enemy) Belle Swanson where Ash instantly developed romantic feelings for her at first sight which shows Ash's only weakness is true love and affection.
  • Ash later realizes that his own crush loves him the same way shocking him completely as he receives a kiss from her.



Samuel Clarks

Ursula Wallbanks

Brock Omar

Abigail Schultz




Alice May



Jones Family

Ash despises the Jones Family enough to want to destroy them!

Kylie Keller

Big Ange

Brett Adams

Zane Fuller


The Federal Organization

Ashley Wells

Ash has a secret crush on Ashley since her debut in the episode The Love Curse where she takes an interest in him for the very first time.

But later on after the episode, the two break up.


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Season 5

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Season 12

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