Christopher Jones is one of the main protagonists in the series Secret Team Undercover.


Physical Appearance

Christopher has dark brown curly hair and brown eyes.

Christopher wears a medium sized black shirt and pants with an O representing his role as the leader of O.T.S.U..


Christopher is a logician as revealed as he is also highly adroit and clever as an enemy and he has successfully betrayed the Dark Side with little questioning and only three people guessed his identity correctly those being Jennifer, Samuel Clarks and Elijah Haffner.

Christopher is sharp as a blade in battle against his enemies as he easily figured out the motives of those like Zane Fuller or Brock Omar and he also discovered the plans to take over the world and had just as easily helped a defector escape the Dark Side.



Elizabeth Justice



  • The reason behind their hatred is that during Spy University times, Christopher blows a criminal's cover and when Rose goes to eliminate the felon, he scars her for life in a fight, thus sparking a volatile hatred for him.


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Secret Team Undercover
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