Christopher Jones is one of the main protagonists in the series Secret Team Undercover.

Christopher Jones is portrayed by himself.


Physical Appearance

Christopher has dark brown curly hair and brown eyes.

Christopher wears a medium sized black shirt and pants with an O representing his role as the leader of O.T.S.U..


Christopher is a logician as revealed as he is also highly adroit and clever as an enemy and he has successfully betrayed the Dark Side with little questioning and only three people guessed his identity correctly those being arks and Elijah Haffner.

Christopher is sharp as a blade in battle against his enemies as he easily figured out the motives of those like Zane Fuller or Brock Omar and he also discovered the plans to take over the world and had just as easily helped a defector escape The Dark Side.

Christopher, aside from spying, also has a knack for mystery-solving as well since he can easily state the motives of crimes committed by enemies he comes across using clues and skills of observation to blow an enemy's cover.

Christopher has a very trusting side to his personality as shown when his old childhood friend Rose Lawrence returns for a new job as an agent for The Federal Organization in which she is almost instantly accepted into the agency as a full-time super spy, but kept watch over the entire time at the base.

Christopher is also a very kind and caring person deep down and will never hesitate to rescue anyone in danger even if it is an enemy of his who's in peril of any way, shape, or form even going against his own morals and beliefs of "all evil never deserves help" for adopting a new belief of "all people are neutral and can change if they want to do so". As shown in every episode of the series, Christopher is shown to be very willing to give even all of his greatest adversaries a huge chance to see the errors of their ways and eventually redeem themselves for a much greater, higher, easier, and much better chance at achieving their all-time goals right from their very starting point: their goals are to finally join the winning side even if they attempt to resort to even any or all forms of somewhat villainous acts, or evil deeds to accomplish that goal.

However, despite appearing to be a very mysterious person and having a very unpredictable state of mind in every episode, the spymaster and overall headmaster of all four spy academies can show his emotions and has in fact done soon multiple occasions throughout the series after remaining very calm through a lot of negativity until he eventually loses his composure to the fullest extent and his true emotions are finally revealed through such intense reactions like tears, laughter or even timidity which are three common examples.




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  • The reason behind their former hatred is that during Spy University times, Christopher blows a criminal's cover and when Rose goes to eliminate the felon, he scars her for life in a fight, thus sparking a volatile hatred for him.
  • Christopher's name follows a color rule by association of colors as the three colors used to represent the name are Yellow, White, and Light Green.[1]
  • Christopher is the first character to go undercover as a villain into the identity of a new enemy of The Federal Organization.


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