Derek is a recurring technician on the Dark Side as well as a recurring antagonist to Christopher, Ellysa, and Jordan who debuts in the penultimate episode of Season 6, Beyond The Horizon Part I!

Physical Appearance

Derek is a large, slender, and acrobatic human who wears a robe, white boots, a cape and a red jumpsuit with a yellow lightning bolt respresenting the Yellow Nightmare insignia!


Derek is arrogant and cocky in every appearance starting from the debut where Dereck tried kidnapping Ellysa but was distracted by his cocky attitude to notice Ellysa easily escaping as she knocked him out in just a forced head tilt, and a kick in the center ofhis back!


"I've got your friend, Christopher, she'll be coming with me back to the Dark Side!"



The full extent of Derek's relationship with Beverly is unknown as he mentions Beverly in three new episodes!

Jordan Hilgren

Christopher Jones

Ellysa Rosauer

Yellow Nightmare

Frozen Nightmare





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