Eliza Justice is Christopher's best friend and secret main love interest who makes her first appearance in in the episode First Friend.

Eliza is portrayed by .


She was assigned a new agent from her dad while meeting Christopher in the library who was her protector.

After being saved by Christopher several times in her first appearance, she fell in love with her newest and most recent secret service agent.

Physical Appearance

Eliza Justice is a young and very beautiful girl who wears skirts and dresses throughout almost all of her appearances.

She has long brown hair with blonde highlights, fair skin, brown eyes, and always wears red lipstick.

From Season 5 onward Eliza's highlights change in color from blonde to honey blonde.

In some episodes starting in First Friend, Eliza wears a red plaid top, light blue blue jeans, with her signature golden chain necklace and her favorite brown boots.

Her main outfit consists of a white summer hat with a red "O" initial representing her affiliation with The Organization Tactical Spies Undercover, a light blue halter top with a green emerald necklace encased inside a golden chain, she wears a red skirt with teal blue leggings, white and dark blue sandals. 

in Paris in Season 7 Eliza wears a pink sleeveless shirt, white pants with a green skirt over it, green sandals and a brown hat with a blue ribbon on it. 

In every season finale episode, she wears a different-colored dress and boots as in No Going Back, she wears a blue dress and brown boots. 

While undercover as a princess, Eliza Justice wears an Arabic-themed pearl-pink veil which has a green gem at the top, pink top with saffron borders and heart on the chest area, lilac-purple skirt, saffron-colored necklace with a red heart-shaped gem, pink fabric in her waist, and brown flip-flops. 


Eliza is very social and outgoing, earning the title "The West Wing Wild Child."

Eliza shows and expresses her romantic side to her as shown in the episodes First Friend and Christopher's The Man! such as when she kisses him on the cheek in the former and kisses him on the lips lightly in the latter.

Eliza Justice shows a lot of her most loving, tender, and warm affection for her best friend throughout all of her appearances both verbally and non-verbally.

Eliza can also be extremely playful when off the clock as first shown in the episode Can You Keep a Secret? and further explored in countless other episodes such as Sledding Spy.

Eliza has also shown signs of fear when she and Christopher faced off against Raptor Branwen in the episode Domino 2: Christopher and Eliza vs. The Bandits! at the end of the episode during a showdown that she knew she couldn't win.



Agent Justice

Eliza and Agent Justice have a seemingly good mother-daughter relationship and they have more common ground with working for the same agency as well as the same training.

President Justice

Eliza and President Justice have a great father-daughter relationship and they hold each other in high regards.

Eliza seems to respect her father as the president of his agency and she even somewhat fears him out of respect for his orders on missions.


Christopher Jones

Eliza at first revealed a flirty and playful side to Christopher during their first encounter.

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Alice May



Anna Carpenter

Sunny Medina

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Rose Lawrence

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Tony Tolentino

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Ryder Guy


  • Combat Proficiency - Eliza has shown a very skilled proficiency in combat especially when she holds her own against the kidnappers at the climax of the episode.
  • Weaponry Proficiency - Eliza has a mastery of laser weaponry ranging from laser guns to other types of weapons of The Federal Organization.
  • Intelligence - Eliza is very intelligent compared to other female agents as she was the first one to figure out that her best friend was abducted by the head and leader of The Dark Side.
  • Stealth - Eliza can be very stealthy as shown in the first and second part of the Revenge of the Past Season 3 finale.
  • Acrobatic Proficiency - Eliza can use acrobatics to defeat and dispatch an enemy agent as shown with her third battle with Shadow.
  • Agility - Eliza has impressive agility.
  • Athleticism -
  • Spy-like Advanced Intelligence -


Singing Proficiency

  • First revealed in the very first Christmas episode of the entire series, The Fight Before Christmas, Eliza had not only sang a song in front of a large crowd of the agency's families and friends as an ordered diversion to distract the guests from noticing and worrying about the hosts' disappearances, but she had also sang a Christmas love song with noticeably network-renowned professional musical practice, a lot better than that of Holly Hills which, deep down, infuriated the very first so-called "musical master" Holly to the point of turning the very first acquaintance into a brand new rival.

Baking Proficiency

  • First revealed in the episode The Love Jinx, Eliza was revealed to be fully capable of baking exceptionally large treats on Valentine's Day which surpasses those skills of even one of her close friends, Alice May.

Dancing Proficiency

  • First revealed in the episode Christopher's The Man!, Eliza is a very skilled professional dancer as she had unintentionally made everyone in the room turns their heads towards her in shock and amazement while even the academy's very expensive DJ was left in surprise and delight at watching her professional moves with nothing but a sheer smile.


  • Eliza is the only secret agent to be recruited by Christopher during a very intense mission off screen.
  • Eliza Justice is the first recruit to sing in the series.
  • Eliza Justice is the first recurring character throughout the series to have a lot more appearances in more episodes than other recurring characters.


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