Kilie McPeek is Christopher's very first ex girlfriend and a recurring main antagonist of The Dark Side who debuts in the episode Catch Her If You Can!
Kilie McPeek

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Kilie is ruthless as she shot Christopher in the chest with a laser pistol in the episode Revenge of an Ex!.

Kilie also has gradually become more and more of a business-crazed and very dangerous foe even prior to the events of her former leader's elimination as later revealed in the episode That Will Be All, Part 1, where she returns to Elijah's old office which she currently resides in as of the eight color-coded team divisions on The Dark Side.

Kilie currently takes on the living role of her fallen former leader who graciously left her in charge as the Yellow Division's brand new leader while taking his place for the rest of her entire life while she was trusted to help avenge her deceased leader and best evil friend while having to return the favor of honoring the deceased's very last evil wish (which according to the crew, the evil wish is going to be revealed precisely in the last part of the three-part Season 9 finale/That Will Be All special event).




Elijah Haffner


Christopher Jones

Even though Kilie and Christopher are archenemies, Kilie secretly likes Christopher's singing but easily hides it strongly well.

But, recently mentioned that according to the show's primary creator, Kilie has become extremely jealous of his other skills, (which is obviously including his singing) and she has even gone as far as to become slightly annoyed from his singing by her fifth appearance in the series.

Alice May

Not much is known about the interaction between Kilie and Alice May except that she has never personally met Kilie until their very first and very antagonistic encounter in the episode Catch Her If You Can which reveals their mutual hatred for each other but despite this, the two feuding spies have some very obvious common ground involving their related love life.

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  • Archery Proficiency
  • Martial Arts Proficiency
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Precise Aim- Kilie demonstrates her precise aim in the episode Ice Cream Chaos when she knocked Jordan and Alice with one punch each and she knocked out Ellysa with one kick to the stomach!



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