Leaf Whitley is a recurring character as well as a recurring love interest of Christopher's who makes her first appearance in the episode Testing Christopher and Alice.

Leaf is confirmed to be portrayed by .


Physical Appearance

Leaf has brown hair. She wears a white hat with a pink half-circle logo. Leaf wears a sleeveless, teal shirt, a pair of black sweatbands on her arms, a pink skirt, long blue socks and athletic shoes, with a pink stripe.


Leaf is a kind, caring, affectionate, and joyful character who can also be a determined fighter when faced with enemies.





  • Leaf's name follows the color-naming rule:
    • her first name Leaf corresponding to the color green
    • her last name Whitley corresponding to the color white and meaning meadow.
  • Whitley is a given name (Anglo-Saxon) meaning "white meadow", from "white" and "lea"(clearing, meadow, field).
  • Leaf is the first character to be related to two elite officers on The Federal Organization.


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