Mal is the true leader of the Dark Side and the series' main antagonist starting from his debut arc.


Physical Appearance

Mal wears a red suit with a mahogany tie and a black cape and a pair of blue sunglasses.




Christopher Jones

Mal and Christopher are natural enemies since their first fight scene encounter at the end of the episode Shipnotized. Mal doesn't mind killing even his own members of the Dark Side.



  • Peak Human Strength -
  • Peak Human Agility -
  • Master of Disguise -
  • Invisibility -
  • Intelligence -
  • Craftsmanship -


  • Mal is the first antagonist to have a stronger mind and body than any other villain introduced thus far.
  • Mal can easily lift anyone and can even knock out even the strongest spies (excluding Christopher).
  • Mal can be seen in a red suit and mahagony tie in every single appearance.


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