Season 10 is the tenth section of Secret Team Undercover!

Season Plot Arc

Starting from the season premier there's a brand new antagonist who acts as a recurring main antagonist alongside a returning main antagonist from Season 2 and Season 3, until the former's final escape in the fourth to last episode of the season.

Meanwhile a recurring set of evil events occurs throughout the rest of the season even resulting in a brand new enemy agent from a previously disbanded team, while later on before the second enemy's appearance Christopher reveals the truth about his past organization.

During the first part of the season finale the second enemy agent returns for his rapidly rising revenge on The Federal Organization and the Jones Family until the greatest and most epic showdown against the cutest and most popular spy couple who eliminates their last season threat meanwhile an old foe of the popular spy couple is about to resurface for another shot at his revenge.


  1. Timeline Trouble Part 1
  2. Timeline Trouble Part 2
  3. Timeline Trouble Part 3
  4. Revenge on Beverly
  5. Signs of a Crush
  6. Jammed Mechanics
  7. The Party's Over!
  8. Ellysa and the Missiles Part I
  9. Ellysa and the Missiles Part II
  10. Ellysa and the Missiles Part III
  11. Military Mission
  12. Dangerous Assignment
  13. Dream Sequences
  14. Rebel with a Friend Part 1
  15. Rebel with a Friend Part 2
  16. Alice Levels Up, Part 1
  17. Alice Levels Up, Part 2
  18. Alice Levels Up, Part 3
  19. The Tough Organization Returns!
  20. Fear Within Reason Part 1
  21. Fear Within Reason Part 2
  22. Fear Within Reason Part 3
  23. Undercover Brother
  24. Race Against The Clock
  25. Stopping Jamarcus Part 1
  26. Stopping Jamarcus Part 2
  27. Stopping Jamarcus Part 3


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast


  • A major figure from the team's past in the very beginning of the series from Season 2 and Season 3 returns in this season.