Snowed In is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 23 of Secret Team Undercover.


After the last and final attack of Jessica King Christopher has to finally face his former best friend and former mission partner in an all-out snowy showdown within the most dangerous mountain town.





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  • This episode ends the sixteen-episode winter story arc.
  • There are a total of nearly a few more than twenty-nine major and foreshadowing direct and indirect future episodes' references and previous episodes' mentions regarding a large ton of other previous episodes as well as some very specific episodes at that also. These episodes and mentions and references are listed in production and planned released airing order as:
  1. In the five-part special event remembered from Season 4 titled as Enemy's Orders Part 1, Enemy's Orders Part 2, Enemy's Orders Part 3, Enemy's Orders Part 4 and Enemy's Orders Part 5, every time an agent from The Federal Organization or O.T.S.U. fights boldly, fiercely and even victoriously against the event's main antagonist referred to as the muscular maddest and the most feared enemy agent in the world Honcho, the opposing agent from one of the two most secretive and most powerful spy team sends up keeping their most classified top-classed secrets very well hidden from the enemy, but according to Honcho, he has over time as a former agent from The Federal Organization and The Government resulted in his current knowledge of both secret service organizations to his very own unique advantage in a fight, or any and all fights against the two main organizations.
    1. However, according to the five-part special event of the same appearances of Honcho, he initially had absolutely no idea about a third most powerful spy team working alongside The Federal Organization as a powerfully led spy organization up until the very end after his very first defeat by the hands of the newly discovered spy team led by the greatest and mightiest leader whose biological father led and even personally mentored the feared criminal spy himself, thus sparking some sheer anger, vindictive vengeance and even a lot of easily triggered sadness after finding out about Milton's possible elimination or attempted capture by his enemy.
    2. In the episode The Nightmare Showdown Part 2 and in the episode The Nightmare Showdown Part 3, Honcho teams up with a new threat named Nigel Pettyjohn.

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