The Chameleon is a recurring antagonist who debuts in the episode Camouflaged Chaos!!

Physical Appearance

The Chameleon is seen changing colors as her colors aren't main but rather different in each appearance.


The Chameleon is a ruthless woman who mercilessly attacks her enemies.

The Chameleon has a rather "slick" move that is frequently unless she is caught using the move as she would only rely on strength if she was exposed for using camouflage.



  • The Chameleon is the first and only revealed antagonist who is capable of camouflaging herself.
  • Despite The Chameleon using camouflage to escape or attack enemies, The Chameleon was eliminated by the same tactic that she uses to fight.


Christopher Jones

TC was rather impressed with Christopher's skills and speed but soon noticed him and his stratagem but couldn't break his stratagem resulting in her first elimination!

The Phantom

The Phantom is the best friend of The Chameleon as The Chameleon soon reveals that she is The Phantom's second-in-command!

The Demolition Team

The Chameleon is one of the authority figures on The Demolition Team as The Chameleon is one of the strongest members.


Beverly is revealed to be filled with hatred towards her but their relationship is currently unknown as of Confession of The Chameleon.



  • Camouflage
  • Stealthy Movents
  • Martial Arts
  • Acrobatics Proficiency