This Will Be The Day is the fifth theme song that is used in Season 5 of Secret Team Undercover.


They see you as sick and hopeless

They you as just a child

Too bad when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild

Prepare for the world's destruction

Prepare for your brightest hour

The fighting dreams that you've had

Will certainly begin with power

We are shadows, rising from up under

Bust moles of unholy wonder

This will be the day we waited for

This will be the day we break down all the doors

I don't wanna hear your old surrender

Hope you're calling for a new defender

Welcome to a brand new brighter future

Welcome to a world of pale regeneration

And soon, my time will open wounds

The legend will be told

Victory is in a hero's soul

A Word From The Composers

A Word From Christopher Capers-Jones


  • The working title for this song was Prepare For The World's Destruction.
  • This is the very first theme song to actually be performed by a character in the show in an episode of the season thus far, with the character being Christopher.
  • Lysandre and Xerosic are both grinning very evilly at each other while looking at each other in this theme hinting at a future episode where both Lysandre and Xerosic grin evilly just like in the theme song.
  • Amour Destroyer Flare appears alongside Alain, Malva, and Captain Frye one by one in the theme song near the end with Captain Frye and Valerie both walking proudly over to Christopher, Alice May, and their teammates and families.