Welcome To The Hawaiian Beach is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Secret Team Undercover.


Christopher, Mickey and Alice May are on the run from Zane and eccentric enemy agent Sheena in the heart of the Hawaiian Beach.


Main Cast

  • Christopher Capers-Jones as himself
  • Searra Miller as Alice May
  • Ellysa Marie Rosauer as herself
  • Robin Maurice Capers as herself
  • TBA as Mickey
  • TBA as Jerry

Recurring Cast

  • TBA as Zane Fuller
  • TBA as Sheena
  • TBA as Alexis Reed
  • TBA as Michelle Joy
  • TBA as Solidad
  • TBA as Agent McKenzie
  • TBA as Agent Johnson
  • TBA as Agent Murphy
  • TBA as Agent Martin
  • TBA as Amberite May
  • TBA as Agent May
  • TBA as Agent Garcia

Guest Cast

  • TBA as Sophia Wilson
  • TBA as Irma
  • TBA as Zoe Garcia
  • TBA as Shelley Willis
  • TBA as Agent Blake
  • TBA as Agent Desmond
  • TBA as Agent Wally
  • TBA as Agent Guzman
  • TBA as Agent Gonzalez
  • TBA as Agent Ramirez
  • TBA as Guzma Skulls
  • TBA as Anderson Birtch
  • TBA as Agent Musa Bernstein
  • TBA as Agent Looker
  • TBA as Agent Calicos
  • TBA as Agent Samson
  • TBA as Agent Oakley
  • TBA as Agent Annalie
  • TBA as The Mighty Menace
  • TBA as Lusamine
  • TBA as Danny Delesantos
  • TBA as Undercover Hawaiian Agent 1
  • TBA as Undercover Hawaiian Agent 2
  • TBA as Undercover Hawaiian Agent 3
  • TBA as Undercover Hawaiian Agent 4
  • TBA as Undercover Hawaiian Agent 5

Absent Cast




Spy Gadgets


  • During the fights against Irma with Christopher and Alice May, each fight sequence apparently took a total of four takes to perfect it.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Irma.

Cultural References

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